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Educator's Role 7 of 7: We are the Champions

Compiled by: Dr G. Wolvaardt and Dr C.J. Henley-Smith

To be a titleholder of ‘specialist’ or ‘expert’ in your field requires a certain amount of knowledge and capability and, if we are honest with ourselves, probably some blood, sweat and tears along the journey too. An educator needs to be a titleholder too, else our frenemy, the internet will supplant us.

One of the seven roles of an educator is that of being subject discipline specialist. This means the educator must:

Develop an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of their discipline including the theory and practice of that speciality. Expertise in the practical application of theory is a critical component in ensuring authenticity. 

Be able to facilitate learning by drawing on their subject matter expertise to inform their teaching practice. The true characteristic of the expert educator is the ability to present complex content in a format that is easily understandable.

Develop their standing within the international academic community through participation in research, conferences and through publishing in peer reviewed journals. In a globalized world being a big fish in a small pond is no longer compatible with the definition of specialist or expert.

Develop leadership competencies and actively seek out opportunities to hone their leadership skills through participating in professional associations, academic governance structures and the organizational structures of national and i

nternational conferences.

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