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Educator's Role 6 of 7: The Scarlet Grade

Compiled by: Dr C.J. Henley-Smith

Oh, the power and responsibility of the red pen! The emphasis, however, is on responsibility. Have you, as the lecturer, ensured for a fair assessment or are you asking, ‘a fish to climb a tree’, in other words ‘the impossible’, for a student to pass an exam? Have you evaluated whether your curriculum and lecturing style corresponds with your assessments?

One of the seven roles of an educator is that of being an assessor. This means the educator will understand that assessment is an essential feature of the teaching and learning process and know how to integrate it into this process. A tip from Missouri State is to ask: “What do we want students to be able to know, do, and appreciate and how do we know that students are achieving the intended learning outcomes?”. In conjunction with these questions a sound approach is backwards planning. In backwards planning, the educator must know the curriculum and outcomes to be achieved first. Then they can develop both formative and summative assessment in ways that are appropriate to the level and purpose of the learning. Finally, the educator designs the lessons and facilitation method to integrate the outcomes and assessment. Ensure to provide feedback to your students after every formative assessment as you would want your student to improve in the next assessment and it also enhances their learning through self-awareness.

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