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Educator’s Role 4 of 7: Enough is Never Enough

Compiled by: Dr G. Wolvaardt and Dr C.J. Henley-Smith

Ever had someone say to you “When are you going to stop studying?” or “Don’t you think you know enough by now?” For a lecturer there is never enough knowledge. A lecturer should continuously strive to improve themselves and their knowledge, else Google may end up being a better lecturer.

One of the seven roles of an educator is that of being a scholar, researcher and lifelong learner. Embracing scholarship requires an active development of critical attributes and habits such as:

Critical thinking – a scholar questions the validity of everything they read and hear.

Curiosity – a scholar needs to continuously expose themselves to new ideas, knowledge and experiences. Drawing on their research expertise they use their curiosity to expand the knowledge in their discipline.

Competence – scholarly competence embraces subject matter expertise, research competency, teaching and learning competence and leadership/management competency.

Flexibility – true scholars often change their mind. Embracing an evidence-based approach to forming opinions requires the flexibility of acknowledging mistakes and forming new opinions based on new knowledge.

Objectivity – a scholar needs to be able to distance themselves from their own prejudice, conditioning and preferences by developing an in-depth appreciation of diversity especially amongst their colleagues and students. By embracing the “other”, scholars develop their own objectivity.

Immersion – a scholar needs to stay abreast of the latest developments in their field while appreciating that new development often upends the established wisdom of their field.

Passion – a scholar must be devoted to their area of expertise and pursue knowledge within this field with passion. This passion will serve to inspire their students for their discipline.

Visibility – a scholar actively contributes to journals and conferences and is known to the other experts in their field.

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