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App Review: Plickers

Compiled by: Dr C.J. Henley-Smith

Previously, the Kahoot! and QR Code apps were reviewed. This review on Plickers, combines some of the features of both the Kahoot and QR Code apps.

Like Kahoot!, Plickers can be used to do a quiz or take a poll in class, but the benefit of Plickers is that students do not need access to the internet, only the facilitator does. This is where the QR codes come in, each student has their own QR code answer sheet that is then scanned by the Plickers app.

How it works: Sign up for free at and download the Plickers app for free on both Google Play and the App Store.

Unfortunately, unlike Kahoot!, there are no prepopulated quizzes available on Plickers, you need to create each quiz, which is then stored in your Library. Your questions options can be multiple choice or true/false questions. You can include images or GIFs to your questions as well. Add your Classes and Students to Plickers. Plickers will automatically assign an answer card to a student as you type in their names (this can be a little time consuming, but only needs to be done once; or you can skip this step and assign numbers based on your class register). Print out the answer cards (QR codes) for your students. Students rotate their answer cards to put their chosen answer on top. Using the Plickers app, you will scan the QR codes on the answer cards and Plickers will record the student’s answers.

Let the learning fun begin!


  • Projector.
  • Internet connectivity for the website and app (facilitator only).
  • Smartphone or device for the facilitator.


  • Cover the printed answer cards in a matt/ non reflective protective sheath.
  • A maximum number of 63 students can play at a given time.
  • To capture more answer cards, stand at a distance and hold your device still.
  • Surveys can also be conducted with Plickers.

Star rating and why:

This website and app gets a 3.5/5 star rating for making interactive quizzes possible with limited internet. Stars were deducted as Plickers does not have prepopulated quizzes to  work with.