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App Review: GooseChase

Compiled by: Dr C.J. Henley-Smith

Wanting to introduce experiential learning into your classroom? Try GooseChase!

Scavenger hunts meets smartphone technology in this app. And better yet it can be educational too. Take math’s to new levels by getting students to find that obtuse angle outside of the classroom. Allow your students to hunt through the gardens to search for pinnately compound vs palmately compound leaves or allow your students to take architectural design and theory and view it in practice. It will also allow the educator to flex their creativity skills.

How it works: Sign up for free at

As the educator you will login to the website to create a game. Then choose ready-made missions (task with allocated points) or customize your own. Set the time limit and hit Start when ready. Divide your students into teams. At least one team member must download the GooseChase app, available for free on both Google Play and the App Store. Students then input the code generated for their techno scavenger hunt and can begin. To complete each mission students can upload a picture, type a message or upload their GPS co-ordinates. A leaderboard is automatically generated based on their progress and you can encourage everyone from the dashboard.

Let the learning fun begin!


  • Internet connectivity
  • Smartphone or device


Three teams are the limit on the free version, but discounts are available for schools or universities.

You can review the submissions later and then provide feedback or award marks.

Can also be a great team building initiative.

Star rating and why:

This app gets a 4/5 star rating for moving learning to outside the classroom and into the real world.