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App Review: Cram

Compiled by: Dr C.J. Henley-Smith

As an educator the last thing you want to overhear is your students, almost proudly, stating how they ‘crammed’ for a test or exam. However, our app of the week called Cram, based on online flashcards, helps your students to study.

How it works: Sign up for free at

Like the app Kahoot! there is already a collection of subjects and flash cards set up (195 866 000) or your student can create their own. Students can download the Cram app, available for free on both Google Play and the App Store or visit the website. Once they have created or selected a set of flashcards, they can review the flashcards at any time or memorize their flashcard set. There are also a variety of ways to test themselves. Cram has even gone so far as to develop games to help the students learn the flashcards. Students can practice spelling in the ‘Stellar Speller’ game or try ‘Jewels of Wisdom’ that combines their flashcard terms found in a jewel with the definition. Students can utilize Cram on their way to school/university or even while they are waiting in a queue as the Cram app works offline too once the flashcards are loaded or set up.

Let the learning fun begin!


  • Internet connectivity for the website, but the app works offline!
  • Smartphone or device


Make it a class activity to create flashcards for a section of the work that the students seem to be struggling with.

Images can be loaded onto the flashcards.

Warn your students to review the content to match your curriculum before they use a prepared flashcard set.

Star rating and why:

This app gets a 4/5 star rating for helping students study offline.